Westferry Printworks

Public exhibition

25 May 2018

A public exhibition has been held to present revised proposals for the redevelopment of the former Westferry Printworks site.


The exhibition ran over two days (23rd and 24th May 2018), offering the local community an opportunity to learn about the proposals, meet the development team and take part in the consultation.


The event welcomed local residents, members of the public, councillors and local businesses. Exhibition boards  were used to demonstrate what the site could look like. They also explained that a lot of the features of the consented scheme have been retained and showed where opportunities for changes have been identified.


Thank you to everyone who attended and fed back their comments on the proposals.


If you were unable to attend the exhibition and would like to feed back on the proposals, please email: westferry14@themorrisconsultancy.co.uk


Next steps


Summer 2018
Following this consultation, the proposals will be finalised into a planning application and submitted to London Borough of Tower Hamlets. In parallel, work will be undertaken on site constructing the new basement under the existing consent.


Summer - Winter 2018
The London Borough of Tower Hamlets will undertake its own consultation on the application with local residents and statutory bodies.


Winter 2018/19
The planning application will be determined by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.