Westferry Printworks

Managing stockpiled concrete on the Westferry Printworks site

04 July 2017

Find out more about how and why we are stockpiling concrete on the Westferry Printworks site.






























What is a concrete stockpile?

A concrete stockpile is an accumulated pile, heap or mound of crushed concrete created during demolition.

Why are there concrete stockpiles on site?  

The concrete stockpiles on the Westferry Printworks site have been created through the demolition of the former print works buildings. Most of the concrete stockpiles have been generated through the demolition of the ground floor concrete slab, some of which is being crushed during the demolition process. This demolished concrete is being kept and stored on site as part of our commitment to recycling, and will be reused during the next phase of development.  

How did you decide where to position the concrete stockpiles on site?

The concrete stockpiles have been located and distributed across the site in order to avoid all of the monitoring equipment on site, various site investigation areas, and away from the site boundaries. We will carry on taking environmental monitoring readings throughout demolition so that we continue to meet all of the best practice standards and guidance, and maintain our commitment to minimise impacts to nearby residents. Our surveyors and demolition workers need safe access to this monitoring equipment and also to site investigation trial pits. As such the concrete stockpiles are positioned at distances necessary to keep these areas safe. Similarly, the stockpiles are located away from site boundaries to protect surrounding properties. Throughout this process, the safety of our team on site and our neighbours in surrounding properties is our top priority.

How big will the concrete stockpiles get?

We will continue to add to the concrete stockpiles during the next couple of months of demolition. We are measuring the quantity of concrete that is being generated, and when we get to the point where we have more than we need for use during the next phase, then we will remove excess material from the site. We aim to keep the size of concrete stockpiles to a minimum to reduce the visual impact for nearby residents and we will redistribute the stockpiles when practical, bearing in mind the safe access required to monitoring kit and site investigation trial pits located across the site. We anticipate finishing the demolition of the concrete slab in September 2017, although it is a bit early to say for sure.

What are we doing to contain the spread of dust from the concrete stockpiles?

We are taking many practical measures to prevent the spread of dust from the concrete stockpiles. These include the provision of ‘damping down units’ such as 'dust bosses' and ‘moto fogs’ which use water cannons, and on occasion we are using a fire brigade dust suppression units on site. We also sweep the roads within the site and the front entrance where vehicles enter and exit the site. Once it is more practical to do so with a hiatus of vehicle movements over the stockpiles, the faces of the stockpiles will be covered with a sheet material.

How long will the concrete stockpiles remain on site?

Concrete stockpiles will remain on site until the next phase of development commences.

Who do I contact if I have further questions about the development?

Please contact the team on 07568 350410 or email Janine Jasper at Janine@themorrisconsultancy.co.uk.