Westferry Printworks

Health and Safety with Ivor Goodsite

26 January 2018

On a chilly Tuesday morning in late November, one hundred and eighty pupils from years 3 & 4 at Arnhem Wharf Primary School filed into assembly and were greeted by a couple of members of the Westferry Printworks team for a talk on health and safety on, and surrounding, a construction site.

The children were introduced to Ivor and Honor Goodsite, two fictional characters invented by the Considerate Constructors Scheme and which Westferry Printworks development is a member. The presentation introduced the children to machinery used on site including diggers, cranes and bulldozers and what to look out for to make sure they stay safe when near a construction site.

Road safety was covered during the assembly, and the safest ways to cross a road near the site, which is opposite the school building. They guessed what equipment should be worn on site by everyone, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, goggles, gloves, high viz jackets and boots and the importance of wearing it.

As a gentle reminder, the children were presented with Ivor Goodsite health and safety packs so they would remember what they had learned during the talk. With the assembly over, the children were invited to design a poster over the Christmas holidays to advertise the dangers on a construction site. The winning posters will be selected in January for exhibition on hoardings which surround the site opposite the school and they will be available to see in February 2018.
Our thanks go to Zoe and Sara at the school for their help in arranging the assembly and we look forward to selecting the winning posters in January.